Immaculate Conception Catholic Church of Port Clinton, Ohio

You are invited! A Gathering Meal for Lutherans and Catholics


You are invited to

‘A Gathering Meal’ for Lutherans and Catholics

Sunday, April 29th from 5-7pm
Immaculate Conception School.

This is an opportunity for us to come together by enjoying a simple meal
and getting to know each other. It will be a ‘potluck of soups, salads and drinks’,
and ALL are welcomed to share in this. Please pass the word and invite people.
Encourage your friends to come! It’s free, and guests don’t need to bring anything.
Youth may attend!

Pr Jim Lehman and Fr John Missler will open in prayer with a brief, general introduction.
Delicious soups, drinks and utensils will be provided by the Catholics. Awesome salads, breads and crackers will be supplied by the Lutherans!

Sheets to aid conversation will be available, and our pastors will entertain questions about the faith (or anything else!) from the people gathered.