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  • Mar 11

    Starts: March 11, 2013 @ 6:30 pm

    Ends: March 11, 2013 @ 8:00 pm

This is a great study session where we will explore one deadly sin and one lively virtue per session.  Coming to these sessions is based on the availability of the participant and can be attended as the participants schedules permits.

Sessions will be held in John XXIII room.

As we continue climbing Mt. Purgatory, we become more and more free of the heavy sins and encounter the lighter ones.  This does not make them less deadly, of course, but it does mean that these sins involve “less grave” perversions of the good.  Pride, envy and anger are perverted loves which delight in harm to others.  Sloth is defective love that fails to take an interest in the things of God.  Gluttony, however, is an excess of love for created things, particularly food and drink, over the love of God.  It is lighter because the glutton at least loves something.  But it remains deadly because the love is not in right relationship to the love of God or the love of neighbor.  We live in a culture of gluttony.  Our culture makes it extremely easy to believe that “we deserve a break today,” and we should continually indulge our appetites (the appetite for food being only one of the appetites).  Our faith does not call us to reject food and drink as bad things, but only to use them within reason and, as ever, with respect for the common good and the love of God and others.  As we look at the sin of gluttony and its antidote, asceticism, pay attention to ways in which you may be tempted to excessive love of food and drink and also to models you may have seen of people with a balanced and moderate approach to their appetites.  Ask God for the grace to discipline your lower nature so that you can have the happiness you truly desire.

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